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Teeth Clenching & Jaw Pain

Do you clench your teeth? Do you have jaw pain? Do you grind your teeth while sleeping? The muscles of the jaw (called the temporalis muscles) can sometimes become stressed due to the tension of teeth clenching and can cause neck soreness, headaches, sensitive teeth, and aching jaw jaints.

A nightguard is a plastic oral appliance that you wear over your teeth, usually at night while sleeping. The appliance is designed to help suppress the clenching reflex which causes tension pain.


Do you snore? Snoring occurs when oral tissues "vibrate" in response to airway constriction during sleep. A dental appliance is available which positions the jaw in a manner that the airway is kept open to prevent snoring.

Diagnosis of these conditions begins with a thorough examination of oral soft and hard tissues and the muscles of the jaw.

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